DiscoveryDiscovery Point & RRS Discovery

Dundee adopted the slogan “Home of Discovery” (now using “One City, Many Discoveries”).  This is after the ship “Discovery” build in Dundee specifically for scientific research in Antarctica.

At a special exhibition centre you can see audiovisual shows, computer-based interactive and displays on the actual artifacts of the crew and transport you to Antarctica  Follow in the footsteps of Captain Scott and his crew on one of the most heroic voyages every undertaken.

Also on a maritime theme is the “Unicorn”

HM Frigate Unicorn

His Majesty's Frigate UNICORN was a fast and powerful war ship launched in 1824, and is now docked at Dundee's Victoria Dock. Built in Chatham dockyard for the Royal Navy UNICORN is a unique survivor of the period which bridged the gap between traditional wooden sailing ships and the iron steam ship.